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Effects of particle sizes on performances of the horizontally buried-pipe steam generator using waste heat in a bioethanol steam reforming hydrogen production system B. Zheng, H. Liu, J. Meng, P. Sun, X. Kong, Y. Liu, Y. Wang 2019 International Journal of Hydrogen Energy Elsevier
Deposition of dry particles on a fin-and-tube heat exchanger by a coupled soft-sphere DEM and CFD H. Kuuluvainen, J. Haervig, M. Dal Maso, P. Peltonen, T. Valikangas, V. Vuorinen 2019 International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer Elsevier
Effect of contact force modeling parameters on the system hydrodynamics of spouted bed using CFD-DEM simulation and 2k factorial experimental design B. Chalermsinsuwan, P. Piumsomboon, T. Yurata 2019 Chemical Engineering Research and Design Elsevier
Modelling the wear evolution of a single alumina abrasive grain: Analyzing the influence of crystalline structure I. Iordanoff, I. Pombo, J. Girardot, J.A. Sanchez, L. Godino 2019 Journal of Materials Processing Technology Elsevier
Coarse-grained DEM study of solids sedimentation in water A. Yamaguchi, K. Takabatake, M. Sakai, Y. Shen, Z. Xie 2019 Powder Technology Elsevier
Effect of the liquid density on a liquid-gas-particle mixture flow in dam break H. Sik Yoon, M. Il Kim 2019 International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer Elsevier
The evolution of the Samaoding paleolandslide river blocking event at the upstream reaches of the Jinsha River, Tibetan Plateau J. Chen, J. Zhan, P. Xu, S. Zhai, W. Zhang, X. Sun, X. Zhou, Y. Bao 2019 Geomorphology Elsevier
A new challenge in the DEM/FEM simulation of the shot peening process: the residual stress field at a sharp edge M. Bandini, M. Benedetti, M. Marini. F. Piona, V. Fontanari 2019 International Journal of Mechanical Sciences Elsevier
Flow and heat mass performances of wet particle drying process based on liquid volume-varying bridge force Q. Gao, T. Tang, T. Wang, Y. He 2019 International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer Elsevier
Calibration of parameters for DEM simulations of solar particle receivers by bulk experiments and surrogate functions C. Sattler, J. Grobbel, M. Henninger, R. Pitz-Paal, S. Brendelberger 2019 Powder Technology Elsevier