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Prediction of coupled particle and fluid flows using DEM and SPH P.W. Cleary 2014 Minerals Engineering Elsevier
Discrete particle simulation of solid flow in a three-dimensional blast furnace sector model A.B. Yu, W. J. Yang, Z.Y. Zhou 2014 Chemical Engineering Journal Elsevier
Robust coupled fluid-particle simulation scheme in Stokes-flow regime: Toward the geodynamic simulation including granular media D. Nishiura, M. Furuichi 2014 GEOCHEMISTRY GEOPHYSICS GEOSYSTEMS Wiley
A DEM simulation of dry and wet particles flow behaviors in riser M. Wang, Q. Sun, W. Zhu, X. Zhang 2014 Powder Technology Elsevier
Effect of particle surface friction on nonlocal constitutive behavior of flowing granular media G. Koval, K. Kamrin 2014 Computational Particle Mechanics Springer
Heat Transfer and Particle Behaviours in Dispersed Two-Phase Flow with Different Heat Conductivities for Liquid and Solid S. Takeuchi, T. Kajishima, T. Tsutsumi 2014 Turbulence and Combustion Springer
A LBM–DEM solver for fast discrete particle simulation of particle–fluid flows E. Madadi-Kandjani, G. Lorenzini, Q. Xiong 2014 Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics Springer
Investigation of fluid flow-induced particle migration in granular filters using a DEM-CFD method B. -Y. Su, J. -C. Sheng, M.-I. Zhan, Q.-F. Huang, Y. -L. Luo 2014 Ser. B Elsevier
Reynolds Number Effects on Particle Agglomeration in Turbulent Channel Flow A. Hassanpour, D. O. Njobuenwu, M. Afkhami, M. Fairweather 2014 Computer Aided Chemical Engineering Elsevier
Simulation of multilayer particle resuspension in an obstructed channel flow A. G. Boudouvis, A. Vitsas, G. Lecrivain, U. Hampel 2014 Powder Technology Elsevier