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Strata movement and shield pressure analysis at Tongxin longwall top coal caving working face with extra-thick coal seam C. Hou, C. Liu, D. Jiang, G. Wang, H. Li, H. Mitri, W. Jing, Z. Zhang 2019 Arabian Journal of Geosciences Springer
Comprehensive multivariate sensitivity analysis of CFD-DEM simulations: Critical model parameters and their impact on fluidization hydrodynamics A. Bakshi, A. F. Ghoniem, A. Gel, C. Altantzis, M. Shahnam, T. Li, W. Rogers 2018 Powder Technology Elsevier
An analysis of multiphase flow and solids separation inside Knelson Concentrator based on four-way coupling of CFD and DEM simulation methods A. Farzanegan, M. R. Fatahi 2018 Minerals Engineering Elsevier
Heat transfer analysis of 5kWth circulating fluidized bed reactor for solar gasification using concentrated Xe light radiation H.S. Cho, K. Matsubara, N. Gokon, S. Bellan, T. Kodama 2018 Energy Elsevier
A detailed micro-modelling approach for the structural analysis of masonry assemblages J. V. Lemos, V. Sarhosis 2018 Computers & Structures Elsevier
Experimental and numerical investigation of the collapse of pointed masonry arches under quasi-static horizontal loading G. Misseri, L. Rovero, M. J. De Jong 2018 Engineering Structures Elsevier
Understanding progressive rock failure and associated seismicity using ultrasonic tomography and numerical simulation G. Grasselli, J. Ha, K. Xia, Q. Zhao, T. M. He 2018 Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology Elsevier
Rockfall Impact Parameters on Embankments: A Discrete Element Method Analysis F. Donze, J. Plassiard 2018 Structural Engineering International Taylor & Francis
Reality of virtual damage identification based on neural networks and vibration analysis of a damaged bridge under a moving vehicle C. Xiong, H. Lu, J. Zhu 2018 Neural Computing and Applications volume Springer
Numerical simulation of 2D granular flow entrainment using DEM C. Kang, D. Chan 2018 Granular Matter Springer