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DEM dynamic simulation of tetrahedral particle packing under 3D mechanical vibration B. Zhao, Q.Qian, X. An, X. Sun, X. Yang, Y. Wang 2017 Powder Technology Elsevier
A Discrete Element Model of Armor Glass Fragmentation and Comminution Failure Under Compression W. Xu, X. Sun 2016 International Journal of Applied Glass Science Wiley
Three-dimensional simulation of gas–solid–liquid flows using the DEM–VOF method M. Sakai, X. Sun 2015 Chemical Engineering Science Elsevier
A Lagrangian–Lagrangian coupled method for three-dimensional solid–liquid flows involving free surfaces in a rotating cylindrical tank M-T. Sakai, M. Sakai, X. Sun, Y. Yamada 2014 Chemical Engineering Journal Elsevier
Mechanistic based DEM simulation of particle attrition in a jet cup D. S. DeCroix, W. Xu, X. Sun 2014 Powder Technology Elsevier
Three-dimensional simulation of a solid–liquid flow by the DEM–SPH method M. Sakai, X. Sun, Y. Yamada 2013 Journal of Computational Physics Elsevier
Lagrangian–Lagrangian modeling for a solid–liquid flow in a cylindrical tank J. Xiong, M. Sakai, S. Koshizuka, T. Aoki, T. Saito, X. Sun, Y. Shigeto 2012 Chemical Engineering Journal Elsevier
Numerical Simulation on a Solid-Liquid Flow in a Pipeline by a Lagrangian Approach K. Takahashi, M. Sakai, S. Mizutani, T. Nonoue, X. Sun, Y. Yamada 2011 Journal of the Society of Powder Technology Japan The Society of Powder Technology