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Porosity Distribution in Monodisperse and Polydisperse Fixed Beds and Its Impact on the Fluid Flow B. Meyer, P. A. Nikrityuk, S. Schulze 2015 Particulate Science and Technology: An International Journal Taylor & Francis
A review on numerical models for granular flow inside hoppers and its applications in PBR L. Zhang, Q. Guo, Y. Tang 2015 Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology Taylor & Francis
The Force Chains and Dynamic States of Granular Flow Lubrication F. Meng, K. Liu, W. Wang 2015 Tribology Transactions Taylor & Francis
Performance of landslide debris-resisting baffles C.E. Choi, R.P.H. Law 2015 HKIE Transactions Taylor & Francis
Micromechanical behavior of granular materials in direct shear modeling C. Sung, H. Liao, S. Chu, W. Huang 2015 Journal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers Taylor & Francis
Force Chain Evolution and Force Characteristics of Shearing Granular Media in Taylor-Couette Geometry by DEM K. Liu, W. Gu, W. Wang 2015 Tribology Transactions Taylor & Francis
Discrete element analysis of breakage of irregularly shaped railway ballast J. Zhao, S. Ji, Y. Yan 2015 Geomechanics and Geoengineering: An International Journal Taylor & Francis
Discrete element simulation on vortex structure in granular materials subject to biaxial compression H. Li, X. Chu, Y. Xu 2015 Materials Research Innovations Taylor & Francis
En route to multi-model scheme for clinker comminution with chemical grinding aids D. Geissbuhler, E. Gallucci, F. K. Wittel, H. A. Carmona, H. heinz, H.J. Herrmann, M. Weibel, M.L. Sawlye, R.J. Flatt, R.K. Mishra 2015 Advances in Applied Ceramics Taylor & Francis
Experimental investigation of particle contact laws for discrete element model of granular materials J. Yu, X. Chen, Y.Y. Cai 2015 Materials Research Innovations Taylor & Francis