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Highly Stable Explicit Temporal Integration for Discrete Element Computations D. Rizos, G. Matthews, R. Mullen 2014 Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering ASCE
Three-Dimensional Analysis of Geogrid-Reinforced Soil Using a Finite-Discrete Element Framework L.E. Chouinard, M. A. Meguid, V.D.H. Tran 2014 International Journal of Geomechanics ASCE
Discrete Element Approach for Coupled Chemo-Mechanical Mechanisms in Geomaterials L. B. Hu, S. Panthi 2014 Geo-Congress 2014 ASCE
Multi-Scale Modeling of Enhanced Dissolution and Deformation of Geomaterials: A Discrete Element Approach L. B. Hu, S. Panthi, Y. Soltanpour 2014 GeoShanghai 2014 ASCE
Applications of Finite/Discrete Element Modeling to Rock Engineering Problems A. Vyazmensky, D. Elmo, D. Stead, E. Eberhardt 2014 International Journal of Geomechanics ASCE
Behavior of Geogrid Reinforced Ballast at Different Levels of Degradation D. Mishra, E. Tutumluer, H. Kazmee, Y. Qian 2014 Geo-Shanghai 2014 ASCE
Behavior of Fresh and Fouled Railway Ballast Subjected to Direct Shear Testing: Discrete Element Simulation B. Indraratna, C. Rujikiatkamjorn, N. T. Ngo 2014 International Journal of Geomechanics ASCE
DEM Approach for Engineering Aggregate Gradation and Shape Properties Influencing Mechanical Behavior of Unbound Aggregate Materials E. Tutumluer, Y. Qian, Y. Xiao 2014 PROCEEDINGS ASCE
Visualization of the Fragmentation of a Weak Granular Material under Uniaxial Confined Compression C. Sbarro, L. E. Vallejo 2014 PROCEEDINGS ASCE
Coupled Computational Simulation of Excavation and Soil Transport in Earth-Pressure Balance Shield Tunneling Machines Using a Viscous Two-Phase Fluid Model for Soil-Foam Mixtures G. Meschke, K. Hackl, N. Wessels, T. S. Dang 2014 PROCEEDINGS ASCE