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Studies on structural and mechanical properties under isostatic compression with large-scale discrete element simulations F. Jin, J. Liu, Q. Liu, Q. Sun 2014 Acta Mechanica Solida Sinica Elsevier
Coupled DEM–LBM simulation of internal fluidisation induced by a leaking pipe A. Chan, D. Chapman, J. Li, X. Cui 2014 Powder Technology Elsevier
Granular materials: Bridging damaged solids and turbulent fluids F. Jin, J. Liu, M. Fei, Q. Sun, S. Song 2013 Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Letters American Institute of Physics
Investigation into macroscopic and microscopic behaviors of bonded sands using distinct element method J. Liu, M.J. Jiang, Y. Sun, Z. Yin 2013 Soils and Foundations Japanese Geotechnical Society
Lattice Boltzmann based discrete simulation for gas–solid fluidization B. Zhang, J. Li, L. Wang, W. Ge, X. Wang 2013 Chemical Engineering Science Elsevier
Multi-scale modeling of a spray coating process in a paddle mixer/coater: the effect of particle size distribution on particle segregation and coating uniformity C. Wassgren, J. D. Litster, J. Li 2013 Chemical Engineering Science Elsevier
GPU-based discrete element simulation on a tote blender for performance improvement H. Qi, J. Li, J. Xu, L. Cui, W. Ge, X. Ren 2013 Powder Technology Elsevier
Simulation of magnetic suspensions for HGMS using CFD, FEM and DEM modeling H. Nirschl, J. Lindner, K. Menzel 2013 Computers & Chemical Engineering Elsevier
Experimental and numerical validation of a two-region-designed pebble bed reactor with dynamic core J. Li, J.Y. Tu, S.Y. Jiang, W.J. Wang, X.T. Yang, Z.W. Tang, Z.Y. Liu 2012 Nuclear Engineering and Design Elsevier
Identification and Validation of Rolling Friction Models by Dynamic Simulation of Sandpile Formation B. Yun, C. Zhao, J. Liu 2012 International Journal of Geomechanics ASCE