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Micromechanical modeling of asphalt concrete fracture using a user-defined three-dimensional discrete element method J. Chen, L. Wang, X. Huang 2012 Journal of Central South University Springer
Study on the DEM Simulation of the Granular Railway Ballast Bed Tamping T. Zhou, W. Li, X. Wang, Y. Chi 2012 Advanced Materials Research Trans Tech Publications
Study on the Effects of Tamping Frequency to the Compaction Degree of Trackbeds X. Geng, X. Wang 2012 Applied Mechanics and Materials Trans Tech Publications
The Research of the Numerical Simulation on the Granular Ballast Bed Tamping T. Zhou, W. Li, X. Geng, X. Wang, Y. Chi 2012 Advanced Materials Research Trans Tech Publications
Simulation of Stress Energy and Grinding Media Movement within a Wet-Operated Annular-Gap Mill Using the Discrete-Element Method A. Kwade, C. Schilde, S. Beinert 2012 Chemical Engineering & Technology Wiley
Impact of process parameters on critical performance attributes of a continuous blender—A DEM-based study A. Dubey, A.U. Vanarase, F.J. Muzzio 2012 AIChE Journal Wiley
Scale-up of high shear mixer-granulator based on discrete element analysis H. Fujii, H. Nakamura, S. Watano 2012 Powder Technology Elsevier
Comparison study of spherical and multi-spherical particles under cyclic uniaxial compression A. Norkus, D. Žilionienė, L. Tumonis, R. Kačianauskas 2012 Journal of Civil Engineering and Management Taylor & Francis
DEM Simulation of Spin Vibration Screening Process Dong Sheng Li, Yi Qiong Du 2012 Advanced Engineering Forum Trans Tech Publications
A multiscale model for the simulation of granulation in rotor-based equipment F. Bertrand, J. Bouffard, J. Chaouki 2012 Chemical Engineering Science Elsevier