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Analysis of rapid flow of particles down and from an inclined chute using small scale experiments and discrete element simulation H. Saxén, Y. Yu 2011 Ironmaking & Steelmaking Maney Publishing
From discrete element simulations to a continuum model H.J. Herrmann, M. Lätzel, S. Diebels, S. Luding, W. Volk 2011 Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering Elsevier
A Probabilistic Model for Predicting the Resistance of Aggregates in Asphalt Mixes to Fracture E. Mahmoud, E. Masad 2011 Road Materials and Pavement Design Taylor & Francis
Impacts on cohesive frictional geomaterials F.-V. Donzé 2011 European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering Taylor & Francis
Comparing numerical and experimental approaches for the stochastic modeling of the bouncing of a boulder on a coarse soil F. Bourrier, F. Darve, F. Nicot, N. Eckert 2011 European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering Taylor & Francis
Micromechanical Modeling of Asphalt Concrete Uniaxial Creep Using the Discrete Element Method A.T. Papagiannakis, H.M. Zelelew 2011 Road Materials and Pavement Design Taylor & Francis
Enhancing mixing of cohesive particles by baffles in a rotary drum M. Jiang, Y. Zhao 2011 Particuology Elsevier
Numerical simulations for hot spot formation under shock loading in plastic-bonded explosives with three-dimensional discrete element method F. Zhao, H. Fu, H. Shang, W. Wang 2011 17th Biennial International Conference of the APS Topical Group on Shock Compression of Condensed Matter American Physical Society
Mesoscale analysis of volumetric and surface dissipation in granular explosive induced by uniaxial deformation waves K. A. Gonthier, R. Panchadhara 2011 Shock Waves Springer
Homogenization and Multiscaling of Granular Media for Different Microscopic Constraints C. Miehe, D. Zäh, J. Dettmar 2011 Multiscale Methods in Computational Mechanics Springer