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Energy Representation for the Unified Comminution Model M. Khanal, M. Powell 2010 Particulate Science and Technology: An International Journal Taylor & Francis
Fibre-reinforcement of granular materials: DEM visualisation and analysis L. E. Vallejo, S. Lobo-Guerrero 2010 Geomechanics and Geoengineering: An International Journal Taylor & Francis
Combining digital terrain and surface textures with large-scale particle-based computational models to predict dam collapse and landslide events K. Rothauge, M. Prakash, P.W. Cleary 2010 International Journal of Image and Data Fusion Taylor & Francis
Dynamic simulation of sloshing fluid and granular cargo in transport vehicles A. Lehnart, F. Fleissner, P Eberhard 2010 International Journal of Vehicle Mechanics and Mobility Elsevier
Numerical Study of Particle Behaviour in Split-Flow Thin-Channel Fractionation Using the Discrete Element Method I. McKinnon, K. Liffman, M. Nguyen, M. Rhodes, R. Beckett 2010 Separation Science and Technology Taylor & Francis
Evaluation of Bearing Capacity for Multi-Layered Clay Deposits with Geosynthetic Reinforcement using Discrete Element Method H. I. Park, S.-R. Lee 2010 Marine Georesources & Geotechnology Taylor & Francis
Compacting of particles for biaxial compression test by the discrete element method D. Markauskas, R. Kačianauskas 2010 Journal of Civil Engineering and Management Taylor & Francis
Discrete element method and its application to the analysis of penetration into granular media A. Džiugys, R. Balevičius, R. Kačianauskas 2010 Journal of Civil Engineering and Management Taylor & Francis
Identifying Fracture Origin in Ceramics by Combination of Nondestructive Testing and Discrete Element Analysis J. Zhang, R. Senapati 2010 Review of Progress in Quantative Nondestructive Evaluation American Institute of Physics
Discrete element study of liquid-solid slurry flows through constricted channels H. Kuipersd, M. Abbas, M. van der Hoef, O. Bokhove 2010 The 6th International Symposium on Multiphase Flow American Institute of Physics