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Stochastic structural model of rock and soil aggregates by continuum-based discrete element method J. G. Wang, L. Shihai, W. Yuannian, Z. Manhong 2005 Science in China Series E: Technological Sciences Springer
Sphere packing with a geometric based compression algorithm D.R.J. Owen, K. Han, Y.T. Feng 2005 Powder Technology Elsevier
An implementation of granular dynamics for simulating frictional elastic particles based on the DL_POLY code B. Hancock, C. Berntham, J. Elliott, M. Dutt 2005 Computer Physics Communications Elsevier
Three-dimensional discrete element simulations in hoppers and silos F. Ebert, T. J. Goda 2005 Powder Technology Elsevier
An Assessment Of Plasticity Theories For Modeling The Incrementally Nonlinear Behavior Of Granular Soils C. Tamagnini, F. Calvetti, G. Viggiani 2005 Journal of Engineering Mathematics Springer
An Algorithm To Generate Random Dense Arrangements For Discrete Element Simulations Of Granular Assemblies K. Bagi 2005 Granular Matter Springer
A Simplified Updated Lagrangian Approach For Combining Discrete And Finite Element Methods P. Komodromos 2005 Computational Mechanics Springer
A Network Of Fractal Force Chains And Their Effect In Granular Materials Under Compression L. E. Vallejo, S. Lobo-Guerrero, Z. Chik 2005 Fractals in Engineering Springer
Application Of Three Dimensional Discrete Element Face To Face Contact Model With Fissure Water Pressure To Stability Analysis Of Landslide In Panluo Iron Mine L. Zhang, S. Li, X. Liu, Z. Wei 2005 Science in China Series E: Technological Sciences Springer
Approach Of Mechanical Behaviour And Rupture Of Cohesive Granular Media. Validation On A Model Medium J.-C. BĂ©net, J.-Y. Delenne, M.S. El Youssoufi 2005 Lecture Notes in Applied and Computational Mechanics Springer