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Effect of contact alignment on shrinkage anisotropy during sintering: Stereological model, discrete element model and experiments on NdFeB compacts. B. Hugonnet, C. Rado, C.L. Martin, J-M. Missiaen 2020 Materials & Design Elsevier
Meso-scale modeling of multiple-layer fabrication process in Selective Electron Beam Melting: inter-layer/track voids formation F. Lin, G. J. Wanger, S. Lin, W. Ge, W. K. Liu, W. Yan, Y. Qian 2017 Materials & Design Elsevier
Contact-induced deformation and damage of rocks used in pavement materials C. Carlos, C. Cervera, J. Denis, L. Per-Lennart, N. Manfred, Partl 2017 Materials & Design Elsevier
Experimental and numerical investigation of influence of air-voids on the compressive behaviour of foamed concrete G. D. Nguyen, H. H. Bui, T. D. Ngo, T. T. Nguyen 2017 Materials & Design Elsevier
Modeling the mechanical behavior of sodium borohydride (NaBH4) powder A. Schechter, B. Ben-Moshe, N. Shvalb, Y. Nagar 2016 Materials & Design Elsevier
Effect of air voids on the high-temperature creep behavior of asphalt mixture based on three-dimensional discrete element modeling D. Zhang, T. Ma, X. Huang, Y. Zhang, Y. Zhaoa 2015 Materials & Design Elsevier
Numerical Investigation Of Structural Crash Response Of Thin Walled Structures On Soft Soil A. F. Johnson, L. Aktay, P. Naghipour 2008 Materials & Design Elsevier