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Vibration-induced aggregate segregation in asphalt mixtures D. Jelagin, F. Chen, M. N. Partl 2020 Materials and Structures Springer
A new test to study the flow of mixtures at early stages of compaction E. Ghafoori Roozbahany, M. N. Partl 2017 Materials and Structures Springer
Simulating the workability of fresh self-compacting concrete with random polyhedron aggregate based on DEM M. Li, T. Ji, W. Cui, X. Wu 2017 Materials and Structures Springer
Aggregate representation for mesostructure of stone based materials using a sphere growth model based on realistic aggregate shapes C. Jin, H. Wang, X. Yang, Z. You 2017 Materials and Structures Springer
Simulation of fresh concrete flow using Discrete Element Method (DEM): theory and applications A. Gram, J.-H. Schwabe, K. Krenzer, N. Roussel, S. Shyshko, V. Mechtcherine 2013 Materials and Structures Springer
Dynamic modulus simulation of the asphalt concrete using the X-ray computed tomography images M. E. Kutay, S. Adhikari, Z. You 2009 Materials and Structures Springer
Micromechanical fracture modeling of asphalt concrete using a single-edge notched beam test H. Kim, M. P. Wagoner, W. G. Buttlar 2009 Materials and Structures Springer