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The evolution of the Samaoding paleolandslide river blocking event at the upstream reaches of the Jinsha River, Tibetan Plateau J. Chen, J. Zhan, P. Xu, S. Zhai, W. Zhang, X. Sun, X. Zhou, Y. Bao 2019 Geomorphology Elsevier
Kinetic characteristics of debris flows as exemplified by field investigations and discrete element simulation of the catastrophic Jiweishan rockslide, China A. Su, C. Xiong, H. Tang, R. E. Criss, Z. Zou 2017 Geomorphology Elsevier
Controls on the size and geometry of landslides: Insights from discrete element numerical simulations B. Dugan, E. Aharonov, J. K. Morgan, O. Katz 2014 Geomorphology Elsevier
Longitudinal spreading of granular flow in trapezoidal channels C. W. W. Ng, C.E. Choi, R.P.H. Law 2013 Geomorphology Elsevier
3D ejection behavior of different sized particles in the grain-bed collision process C. He, M.Xing 2013 Geomorphology Elsevier
A preliminary analysis of failure mechanisms in karst and man-made underground caves in Southern Italy M. Parise, P. Lollino 2011 Geomorphology Elsevier
A Physically Based Bedload Transport Model Developed For 3 D Reach Scale Cellular Modelling J. Brasington, K. Richards, R. Hodge 2007 Geomorphology Elsevier