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ICY: An interface between COMSOL multiphysics and discrete element code YADE for the modelling of porous media F. Duhaime, J. S. Dube, P. Pirnia, Y. Ethier 2019 Computers & Geosciences Elsevier
Mechanical properties and energy conversion of 3D close-packed lattice model for brittle rocks B. Shi, C. Liu, H. Zhu, Q. Xu, S. Deng 2017 Computers & Geosciences Elsevier
Structural soil crust development from raindrop impacts using two-dimensional discrete element method K. Sjoblom, S. Yeom 2016 Computers & Geosciences Elsevier
Sediment micromechanics in sheet flows induced by asymmetric waves: A CFD–DEM study H. Xiao, R. Sun 2016 Computers & Geosciences Elsevier
SediFoam: A general-purpose, open-source CFD–DEM solver for particle-laden flow with emphasis on sediment transport H. Xiao, R. Sun 2016 Computers & Geosciences Elsevier
Investigation into the effect of backpressure on the mechanical behavior of methane-hydrate-bearing sediments via DEM analyses F. Zhu, M. Jiang, S. Utili 2015 Computers & Geosciences, Computers and Geotechnics Elsevier
Simulation of growth normal fault sandbox tests using the 2D discrete element method H-C. Liu, M.-L. Lin, P-C. Chan, S-S. Chu, W-C. Huang, W-T. Nien 2015 Computers & Geosciences Elsevier
Elastic lattice modelling of seismic waves including a free surface G. S. O'Brien 2014 Computers & Geosciences Elsevier
Y-GUI: A graphical user interface and pre-processor for the combined finite-discrete element code, Y2D, incorporating material heterogeneity A. Munjiza, G. Grasselli, O.K. Mahabadi 2010 Computers & Geosciences Elsevier
SSPX: A program to compute strain from displacement/velocity data N. Cardozo, R.W. Allmendinger 2009 Computers & Geosciences Elsevier