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Failure analysis of fiber-reinforced composites subjected to coupled thermo-mechanical loading B. Huang, F. Jia, J. Ye, M. Saafi, Y. Wang, Z. Li 2019 Composite Structures Elsevier
Discrete element model for ZrB2-SiC ceramic composite sintering A. Radhi, K. Behdinan, V. Lacobellis 2019 Composite Structures Elsevier
Simulating the impact damage of laminated glass considering mixed mode delamination using FEM/DEM F. Wang, H. Xu, J. Yang, Q. Lui, X. Wang 2018 Composite Structures Elsevier
Numerical investigations on a yarn structure at the microscale towards scale transition F.Dau, I. Iordanoff, J. Giradot, P. del Sorbo 2017 Composite Structures Elsevier
A review on finite element method for machining of composite materials N. Shetty, S. Divakara Shetty, S. M. Shahabaz, S. S. Sharma 2017 Composite Structures Elsevier
Young's modulus estimation for CNT reinforced metallic foams obtained using different space holder particles I. Alfonso, L. Perez, R. Mercado 2017 Composite Structures Elsevier
Delamination process analysis of FRP-to-parent material bonded joints with and without anchorage systems using the Distinct Element Method C. Chastre, H. C. Biscala, J. Teixeira, R. Micaelo 2014 Composite Structures Elsevier
Deformation localisation modelling of polymer foam microstructure under compression: A new approach by discrete element modelling I. Iordanoff, J.L. Lataillade, P. Viot, R. Bouix 2010 Composite Structures Elsevier