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Study on Dust Deposition Mechanics on Solar Mirrors in a Solar Power Plant J. Li, L. Lu, S. Yue, X. Liu 2019 Energies MDPI
Micromechanical Investigation of Stress Relaxation in Gas Hydrate-Bearing Sediments Due to Sand Production A. Klar, E. Cohen, K. Yamamoto 2019 Energies MDPI
Numerical Study on Heat Transfer Performance in Packed Bed C. Xu, S. Wang, W. Liu, Z. Liu 2019 Energies MDPI
A Mixing Behavior Study of Biomass Particles and Sands in Fluidized Bed Based on CFD-DEM Simulation H. Wang, Z. Zhong 2019 Energies MDPI
Bucket Trajectory Optimization under the Automatic Scooping of LHD G. Liang, H. Fang, L. Liu, Q. Gu, Y. Meng 2019 Energies MDPI
A Novel Approach to Investigating Transport of Lost Circulation Materials in Rough Fracture B. Guo, G. Li, Y. Feng, Y. Meng 2018 Energies MDPI
Study of Anti-Sliding Stability of a Dam Foundation Based on the Fracture Flow Method with 3D Discrete Element Code C. Shi, J. Shen, W. Chu, W. Yang, Y. Kong 2017 Energies MDPI
Modeling on the Effect of Coal Loads on Kinetic Energy of Balls for Ball Mills F. He, Y. Bai 2015 Energies MDPI