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Eulerian-Lagrangian simulation of air-steam biomass gasification in a three-dimensional bubbling fluidized gasifier H, Hu, J, J.W. Chew, S.Yang, Wang, Y. Wei 2019 Energy Elsevier
CFD and DEM modelling of particles plugging in shale pores G. Jiang, J. Cai, R. Feng, S. Chen, X. Yang, Y. Shi 2019 Energy Elsevier
Friction coefficient: A significant parameter for lost circulation control and material selection in naturally fractured reservoir C. Xu, H. Zhang, J. Zhang, L. You, X. Yan, Y. Kang, Z. You 2019 Energy Elsevier
Heat transfer analysis of 5kWth circulating fluidized bed reactor for solar gasification using concentrated Xe light radiation H.S. Cho, K. Matsubara, N. Gokon, S. Bellan, T. Kodama 2018 Energy Elsevier
Investigation of hydrodynamic and heat transfer performances in grille-sphere composite pebble beds with DEM-CFD-Taguchi method J. Wang, J. Yang, Q. Wang, Y. Hu 2018 Energy Elsevier
Assessing the energy efficiency of a jaw crusher D. Legendre, R. Zevenhoven 2014 Energy Elsevier