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Discrete element modelling of relationship between ice breaking length and ice load on conical structure S. Ji, S. Liu, X. Long 2020 Ocean Engineering Elsevier
Numerical simulation of an ice-strengthened bulk carrier in brash ice channel C. Guo, C. Wang, D. Jiang, R. Deng, S. Dai, T. Wu, W. Luo 2019 Ocean Engineering Elsevier
Efficient discrete element simulation of managed ice actions on moored floating platforms A. Ahmed, M.R. Pradana, X. Qian 2019 Ocean Engineering Elsevier
Numerical investigation of solid bulk cargo liquefaction D. Vassalos, L. Ju, Q. Wang, Y. Liu, Y. Wang 2018 Ocean Engineering Elsevier
Discrete element simulation of ice loads on narrow conical structures Q. Wang, S. Di, X. Bai, Y. Xue 2017 Ocean Engineering Elsevier
Numerical investigation of rolling response of a 2D rectangular hold, partially filled with moist bulk cargo B. Ni, D. Vassalos, L. Ju, Y. Liu, Y. Xue 2017 Ocean Engineering Elsevier