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Landslide reconstruction using seismic signal characteristics and numerical simulations: Case study of the 2017 “6.24” Xinmo landslide C. Yi-fei, G. Jian, H. Sheng, W. Z-ang, Y. Shu-yao, Y. Yan 2020 Engineering Geology Elsevier
Dynamic-response characteristics and deformation evolution of loess slopes under seismic loads C. Liang, D. Zhang, D. Zhao, S. Wang, Z. Wu 2020 Engineering Geology Elsevier
A review of existing methods used to evaluate the hydraulic conductivity of a fractured rock mass A. Saeidi, A. Shahbazi, R. Chesnaux 2019 Engineering Geology Elsevier
SPH-based analysis of the post-failure flow behavior for soft and hard interbedded earth slope J. Li, W. Zhang, Y. Gao 2019 Engineering Geology Elsevier
Numerical investigation on the cooling-related mechanical properties of heated Australian Strathbogie granite using Discrete Element Method H. Liu, K. Zhang, P.G. Ranjith, S. Shao 2019 Engineering Geology Elsevier
Evaluating failure mechanisms of dip slope using a multiscale investigation and discrete element modelling C. Lin, C. Lo, H. Lin, J. Lu, M. Lin, M. Weng, S. Tsai 2019 Engineering Geology Elsevier
DEM simulation of grain-coating type methane hydrate bearing sediments along various stress paths J. Liu, M. Jiang, Z. Shen 2019 Engineering Geology Elsevier
Hydro-mechanical modeling of sinkhole occurrence processes in covered karst terrains during a flood G. Noury, L. Luu, P. Philippe, Z. Benseghier 2019 Engineering Geology Elsevier
3D DEM investigation on the morphology and structure of landslide dams formed by dry granular flows C. Wu, M. Peng, Q. Zhang, W. Liu, Y. Zhou, Z. Shi 2019 Engineering Geology Elsevier
Re-recognizing the impact of particle shape on physical and mechanical properties of sandy soils: A numerical study A. Su, A. Yao, Q. Liu, S. Dong, X. Ren, Z. Lu 2019 Engineering Geology Elsevier