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Numerical investigation of heat transfer for elliptical tube in granular flow using DEM J. Yang, Q. Wang, Z. Guo, Z. Tan 2019 Energy Procedia Elsevier
Multiscale modelling of packed bed chemical looping reforming A. Signhal, R. Quinta-Ferreira, S. Amini, S. Cloete 2017 Energy Procedia Elsevier
Lime Shaft Kilns H. Piringer 2017 Energy Procedia Elsevier
Simulation of Reacting Moving Granular Material in Furnaces and Boilers An Overview on the Capabilities Of the Discrete Element Method B. Krause, F. Wissing, S. Wirtz, V. Scherer 2017 Energy Procedia Elsevier
Is Magnus effect relevant for proppant settling in narrow fractures? J. Pola, M. Bancewicz, Z. Koza 2017 Energy Procedia Elsevier
Gas-liquid-Solid Three-phase Simulation on CO2 Seeping through Marine Sediment T. Sato, Y. Kano 2017 Energy Procedia Elsevier
Simulating the Hydraulic Stimulation of Multiple Fractures in an Anisotropic Stress Field Applying the Discrete Element Method C. Zeeb, H. Konietzky 2015 Energy Procedia Elsevier