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A fixed-bed reactor for energy storage in chemicals (E2C): Proof of concept P. Nikrityuk, Y. R. Lu 2018 Applied Energy Elsevier
Numerical investigation of the temporal evolution of particulate fouling in metal foams for air-cooled heat exchangers E. Sauret, S. C. Saha, S. T. W. Kuruneru, Y. T. Gu 2016 Applied Energy Elsevier
Transient reacting flow simulation of spouted fluidized bed for coal-direct chemical looping combustion with different Fe-based oxygen carriers R. Agarwal, S. Banerjee 2015 Applied Energy Elsevier
A thermo-mechanical model of packed-bed storage and experimental validation H. M├╝ller-Steinhagen, S. Zunft, V. Drei├čigacker 2013 Applied Energy Elsevier