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Using DEM to investigate how shell liner can induce ball segregation in a ball mill M. M. Bwalya, N. Chimwani 2020 Minerals Engineering Elsevier
A novel approach for modelling of physical interactions between slurry, grinding media and mill structure in wet stirred media mills B. I. Pålsson, M. Parian, P. Jonsén, S. Larsson 2020 Minerals Engineering Elsevier
Avoiding ambiguity in DEM in-situ calibration for dry bulk materials S. Kirsch 2019 Minerals Engineering Elsevier
Pressing iron ore concentrate in a pilot-scale HPGR. Part 2: Modeling and simulation G. Bueno, G. K. P. Barrios, L.M. Tavares, T.M. Campos 2019 Minerals Engineering Elsevier
On dry SAG mills end liners: Physical modeling, DEM-based characterization and industrial outcomes of a new design A. Haji-Zadeh, A.R. Hasankhoei, M. Maleki-Moghaddam, M.E. Barzgar, S. Banisi 2019 Minerals Engineering Elsevier
Using two-way coupled DEM-SPH to model an industrial scale Stirred Media Detritor A.N. Mainza, C.B. Ndimande, M.D. Sinnott, P.W. Cleary 2019 Minerals Engineering Elsevier
Effects of particle characteristics and consolidation pressure on the compaction of non-spherical particles A.B. Yu, R.Y. Yang, T. J. Evans, Y. He, Y.Y. Li 2019 Minerals Engineering Elsevier
Experimental evaluation of the conjugate anvil hammer mill – Comparison of semi-confined to confined particle breakage A. Kumar, B. Klein, C. Sun, G. Li, J. Kou, L. Nordell, R. Roufail 2019 Minerals Engineering Elsevier
Effects of screen decks’ aperture shapes and materials on screening efficiency A. Davoodi, C. M. Evertsson, E. Hulthen, M. Bengtsson 2019 Minerals Engineering Elsevier
Asymmetric dynamics in a horizontally stirred mill using DEM A. Mainza, I. Govender, S. Bremmer 2019 Minerals Engineering Elsevier