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Towards a realistic prediction of sintering of solid oxide fuel cell electrodes: From tomography to discrete element and kinetic Monte Carlo simulations N. Shikazono, S. Hara, Z. Yan 2017 Scripta Materialia Elsevier
Numerical simulation of magnetic-aligned compaction with pulsed high magnetic field K. Ozaki, K. Takagi, R. Soda 2016 Scripta Materialia Elsevier
Strength of hierarchically porous ceramics: Discrete simulations on X-ray nanotomography images A. Lichtner, C.L. Martin, D. Jauffr├Ęs, D. Roussel, J.Villanova, R.K. Bordia 2016 Scripta Materialia Elsevier
Discrete element study on the influence of initial coordination numbers on sintering behaviour H. Riedel, T. Kraft, T. Rasp 2013 Scripta Materialia Elsevier
Effect of size and homogeneity of rigid inclusions on the sintering of composites C.L. Martin, D. Bouvard, O. Guillon, Z. Yan 2013 Scripta Materialia Elsevier
Discrete Element Modeling Of Metallic Powder Sintering C.L. Martin, D. Bouvard, L. C. R. Schneider, L. Olmos 2006 Scripta Materialia Elsevier