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Simulation of Vertical Slip Fault Experiment by Discrete Element Method A. Hino, H. Taniyama, K. Tsukioka, N. Oshida, Y. Murono 2019 Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers J-Stage
Effect of Hopper Shape on Segregation by the Discrete Element Method K. Kato, K. Shibuki, M. Sakai 2019 Journal of the Society of Powder Technology Japan J-Stage
Preliminary Investigation on the Capability of eXtended Discrete Element Method for Treating the Dripping Zone of a Blast Furnace B. Peters, M. Baniasadi 2018 ISIJ International J-Stage
Scale-Up of Lubricant Mixing Process by Using V-Type Blender Based on Discrete Element Method M. Horibe, R. Sonoda, S. Watano 2018 Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin J-Stage
Analysis of Cohesive Particle Percolation in a Packed Bed Using Discrete Element Method H. Zhou, M. Kou, S. Wu, Y. Shen, Z. Luo, Z. Zou 2018 ISIJ International J-Stage
Gas-Solid Flow and Shaft Injected Gas Penetration in an Oxygen Blast Furnace Analyzed Using a Three-Dimensional DEM-CFD Coupling Mathematical Model H. Zuo, J. Li, J. Wang, Q. Xue, X. She, Z. Dong 2017 ISIJ International J-Stage
Effect of Orifice Introduction on the Pneumatic Separation of Spherical Particles N. Hayashi, T. Oki 2014 MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS J-Stage
Numerical study for impact force propagation behavior of rock fall into sand cushion with different masses and velocities K. Maeda, K. Suzuki, N. Naito, S. Yamaguchi, Y. Ushiwatari 2014 Kozo Kogaku Ronbunshu J-Stage
Analysis of the Burden Descending Behavior in an Enlarged Shaft Furnace for Ferro-Coke Production by DEM R. Inoue, S. Enoeda, S. Natsui, S. Ueda, T. Ariyama, T. Kon 2014 Tetsu-to-Hagane J-Stage
Performance Comparison between Chain-using and Agitator-using Drum-typed Impact Mill for Parts Detachment from PCBs C. Tokoro, K. Hosoda, K. Tahara, S. Owada, Y. Tsunazawa 2014 Journal of the Society of Powder Technology Japan J-Stage