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Analysis of the effect of trees on block propagation using a DEM model: implications for rockfall modelling D. Toe, F. Berger, F. Bourrier, I. Olmedo, J. Monnet 2017 Landslides Springer
Tree root mounds and their role in transporting soil on forested landscapes B. S. S. Hoffmann, R. S. Anderson 2014 Earth Surface Processes and Landforms Wiley
An implementation of the soft-sphere discrete element method in a high-performance parallel gravity tree-code D. C. Richardson, P. Michel, S. R. Schwartz 2012 Granular Matter Springer
Hierarchical Treecode For Optimized Collision Checking In Dem Simulations Application On Electrophotographic Toner Simulations R. Hoffmann 2008 European Conference on Computational Mechanics Springer
DEM Simulations Of Toner Particles With An O (N Log N) Hierarchical Tree Code Algorithm R. Hoffmann 2006 Granular Matter Springer
Efficient generation of accurate mobility maps using machine learning algorithms D. Mechergui, P. Jayakumar 2020 Journal of Terramechanics Elsevier
Modelling and simulation of coupled multibody systems and granular media using the non-smooth contact dynamics approach Authors F. Dubois, N. Docquier, O. Bruls, O. Lantsoght 2020 Multibody System Dynamics Springer
A cooperative game for automated learning of elasto-plasticity knowledge graphs and models with AI-guided experimentation K. Wang, Q. Du, W. Sun 2019 Computational Mechanics Springer
Speeded simulation of seismicity accompanying mining and hydrofracture A. Linkov, E. Rejwer, L. Rybarska-Rusinek 2018 Engineering Computations Emerald Group Publishing Limited
Dynamic analysis of wooden rockfall protection structures subjected to impact loading using a discrete element model A. Liiman, D. Bertrand, F. Berge, F. Bourrier, I. Olmedo 2018 European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering Taylor & Francis