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The Tsaoling landslide triggered by the Chi-Chi earthquake, Taiwan: Insights from a discrete element simulation C. L. Tang, C.-Y. Lu, H.-T. Chu, J. Angelier, J.-C. Hu, M.-L. Lin, Y.-C. Chan 2009 Engineering Geology Elsevier
Fault dynamic rupture simulation of the hypocenter area of the thrust fault of the 1999 Chi-Chi (Taiwan) Earthquake H.C. Chiu, J. D. Riera, K. Irikura, L. A. Dalguer 2001 Geophysical Research Letters Wiley-VCH
Earthquake-induced deep-seated landslide and landscape evolution process at Hungtsaiping, Nantou County, Taiwan C. Lo, M. Lin, W. Huang 2017 Environmental Earth Sciences Springer
Discrete element simulation of the Jiufengershan rock‐and‐soil avalanche triggered by the 1999 Chi‐Chi earthquake, Taiwan A. Taboada, K.‐J. Chang 2009 JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH American Geophysical Union
Dynamic discrete analysis of an earthquake-induced large-scale landslide C. S. Chen, J.-H. Wu, J.-S. Lin 2009 International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences Elsevier
Slope Failure of Noncohesive Media Modelled with the Combined Finite–Discrete Element Method H. Wang, X. Chen 0202 Applied Sciences MDPI
The Hungtsaiping landslides: from ancient to recent C.-H. Chien, J.-J. Dong, K.-T. Chang, M.-L. Lin 2012 Landslides Springer
Kinematics and mechanics of 1999 Tsaoling landslide revealed by 3-D discrete element modeling C. L. Tang, C.-T. Lee, J.-C. H. Hu, M.-L. Lin 2010 American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting 2010 American Geophysical Union