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A homogenization equation for the small strain stiffness of gap-graded granular materials J. Nie, J. Zhao, X.S. Shi, Y. Gao 2020 Computers and Geotechnics Elsevier
Improvement design and experiment of a small deep-placement fertilizer applicator F. Zhang, G. Fipps, G. Li, L. Yu, W. XueMei 2019 Engineering in Agriculture; Environment and Food Elsevier
Numerical simulation and field tests of minimum-tillage planter with straw smashing and strip laying based on EDEM software D. Newman, D. Weimin, H. Zhichao, S. Yinyan, W. Xiaochan, X. Sun 2019 Computers and Electronics in Agriculture Elsevier
On the suitability of a 3D discrete element method to model the composite damage induced by thermal expansion mismatch E. Bellenger, G.A. Hassan, P.M. Guessama, W. Leclerc 2019 Computational Particle Mechanics Springer
Experimental and numerical study of coarse particle conveying in the small absorber sphere system: Overview and some recent CFD-DEM simulations H. Bo, H. Yan, H. Zhang, S. Kuang, T. Li, X. Diao, Y. Dong, Z. Huang 2019 Nuclear Engineering and Design Elsevier
Woodchip size effect on combustion temperatures and volatiles in a small-scale fixed bed biomass boiler C. Galletti, F. Barontini, G.Caposciutti, L. Tognotti, M. Antonelli, U. Desideri 2019 Renewable Energy Elsevier
Discrete Element Analysis of the K0 of Granular Soil and Its Relation to Small Strain Shear Stiffness J. Hu, J. Yang, M. Huang, X. Gu 2019 International Journal of Geomechanics ASCE
Load recovery mechanism of arching within piled embankments using discrete element method and small scale tests A. Bouazza, A. Noorzad, E. Badakhshan, L. King, S. Zameni, Y. F. Dafalias 2019 Powder Technology Elsevier
DEM study of the effect of fines content on the small-strain stiffness of gap-graded soils J. Gong, L. Li, X. Wang, Z. Nie 2019 Computers and Geotechnics Elsevier
Simulations of large-scale triaxial shear tests on ballast aggregates using sensing mechanism and real-time (SMART) computing E. Tutumleur, H. Huang, S. Liu, S. Shen, T. Qiu, Y. Qian 2019 Computers and Geotechnics Elsevier