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Dry granular avalanche impact force on a rigid wall: Analytic shock solution versus discrete element simulations A. Albaba, S. Lambert, T. Faug 2018 Physical Review E American Physical Society
Relation between microstructure and loading applied by a granular flow to a rigid wall using DEM modeling A. Albaba, B. Chareyre, F. Nicot, S. Lambert 2017 Granular Matter Springer
Energy partitioning within a micro-particle cluster due to impact with a rigid planar wall K. A. Gonthier, R. Panchadhar 2009 Computational Mechanics Springer
Modeling The Dynamic Behavior Of Masonry Walls As Rigid Blocks F. Peña, J. V. Lemos, P. B. Lourenço 2008 European Conference on Computational Mechanics Springer
DEM Simulations of the Seismic Response of Flexible Retaining Walls S.F. Sizcow, U. El Shamy 2020 Geo-Congress 2020 ASCE
Mean force and fluctuations on a wall immersed in a sheared granular flow F. Dufour, F. Kneib, M. Naaim, T. Faug 2019 Physical Review E American Physical Society
Discrete-Element Analysis of Influence of Granular Soil Density on Earthquake Surface Fault Rupture Interaction with Rigid Foundations F. E. Garcia, J. D. Bray 2019 International Journal of Geotechnical Engineering ASCE
Impact forces of granular flows on rigid structures: Comparison between discontinuous (DEM) and continuous (MPM) numerical approaches C. di Prisco, F. Ceccato, I. Redaelli, P. Simonini 2018 Computers and Geotechnics Elsevier
Aggregation and clogging phenomena of rigid microparticles in microfluidics K. Shahzad, M. Mottaghi, S. Kuhn, V.K. Kamyab, W. Van Aeken 2018 Microfluids and Nanofluids Springer
In plane loaded masonry walls: DEM and FEM/DEM models. A critical review A. Cecchi, D. Baraldi, E. Reccia 2017 Meccanica Springer