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Modelling of the Influence of Metal Connectors on the Resistance of Historical Dry-Stone Masonry Structures H. Smoljanovic, L. Krstevska, N. Zivaljic, Z. Nikolic 2019 International Journal of Architectural Heritage Taylor & Francis
Methods and Challenges for the Seismic Assessment of Historic Masonry Structures G. de Felice, N. Mendes, P. B. Lourenço, S. de Santis 2017 International Journal of Architectural Heritage Taylor & Francis
Modelling of historical masonry structures: comparison of different approaches through a case study A. de Luca, A. Giordano, E. Mele 2002 Engineering Structures Elsevier
3D macro-element modelling approach for seismic assessment of historical masonry churches B. Pantò, F. Cannizzaro, I. Caliò, S. Caddemi 2016 Advances in Engineering Software Elsevier
A finite-discrete element model for dry stone masonry structures strengthened with steel clamps and bolts H. Smoljanovic, N. Zivaljic, Z. Nikolic 2015 Engineering Structures Elsevier
Evaluation of different computational modelling strategies for the analysis of low strength masonry structures G. Manfredi, G. P. Lignola, V. Giamundo, V. Sarhosis, Y. Sheng 2014 Engineering Structures Elsevier
Seismic Behaviour of Ancient Multidrum Structures L. Papaloizou, P. Komodromos 2010 Computational Methods in Applied Sciences Springer
Structural Analysis of Masonry Historical Constructions. Classical and Advanced Approaches G. Gariup, L. Pela’, M. Cervera, P. Roca 2010 Archives of Computational Methods in Engineering Springer
Modeling Of Historical Masonry With Discrete Elements J. V. Lemos 2008 European Conference on Computational Mechanics Springer
Application Of The NSCD Method To Analyse The Dynamic Behaviour Of Stone Arched Structures A. Rafiee, C. Bohatier, M. Vinches 2008 International Journal of Solids and Structures Elsevier