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Role of Intrinsic Dipoles in the Evaporation‐Driven Assembly of Perovskite Nanocubes into Energy‐Harvesting Composites D. Zablotsky, E. Kotomin, V. Kuzovkov 2019 Applications and Materials Science Wiley
Micromechanical modelling of erosion due to evaporation in a partially wet granular slope F. Calvetti, F. Gabrieli, P. Lambert, S. Cola 2012 International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics Wiley-VCH
A DEM approach to study desiccation processes in slurry soils H. H. Bui, J. Kodikara, K.M. Tran, M. Sánchez 2020 Computers and Geotechnics Elsevier
Flow and heat mass performances of wet particle drying process based on liquid volume-varying bridge force Q. Gao, T. Tang, T. Wang, Y. He 2019 International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer Elsevier
Investigating particle-level dynamics to understand bulk behavior in a lab-scale Agitated Filter Dryer (AFD) using Discrete Element Method (DEM) A. Tamrakar, A. Zheng, P.M. Piccione, R. Ramachandran 2019 Advanced Powder Technology Elsevier
CFD-DEM Simulation of the Fluidized-bed Granulation of Food Powders J. Kim, Y. Mi Chung 2019 Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering Springer
Multiphysics modelling of lack-of-fusion voids formation and evolution in IN718 made by multi-track/multi-layer L-PBF J. H. Hattel, M. Bayat, S. Mohanty 2019 International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer Elsevier
Mechanistic modelling of fluid bed granulation, Part II: Eased process development via degree of wetness D. Jajcevic, D. Schroder, D. Slade, M. Askarishahi, M. Maus, M. Salehi 2019 International Journal of Pharmaceutics Elsevier
CFD-DEM modelling of circulation frequencies and residence times in a prismatic spouted bed F. Kleine Jager, M. Muller, M. Schönherr, P. Kieckhefen, S. Pietsch, S.Heinrich 2018 Chemical Engineering Research and Design Elsevier
Numerical modeling of melt-pool behavior in selective laser melting with random powder distribution and experimental validation C. Chang, C. San, H. Lin, R. Marwan, S. Baba, W. Hwang, Y. Wu 2017 Journal of Materials Processing Technology Elsevier