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Drag reduction and wear resistance mechanisms of a bionic shovel by discrete element method simulation D. Han, H. Wan, J. Li, R. Zhang, S. Ma, Y. He 2018 SIMULATION Sage
DEM simulation of bionic subsoilers (tillage depth >40 cm) with drag reduction and lower soil disturbance characteristics J. Sun, J. Tong, Y. Ma, Y. Wang, Z. Zhang 2018 Advances in Engineering Software Elsevier
Numerical simulation of drag-reducing channel flow by using bead-spring chain model A. Murata, H. Ando, H. Mamori, K. Iwamoto, M. Fujimura, M. Masuda, T. Atsumi 2016 International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow Elsevier
Particulate Aggregate Formation And Wall Adhesion In Microchannel Flows J. S. Marshall 2006 2nd US-European Fluids Engineering Division Summer Meeting ASME
Investigation of causes of layer inversion and prediction of inversion velocity in liquid fluidizations of binary particle mixtures A.B. Yu, E. A. Molaei, Z.Y. Zhou 2019 Powder Technology Elsevier
Mechanics of granular column collapse in fluid at varying slope angles J.-Y. Delenne, K. Kumar, K. Soga 2017 Journal of Hydrodynamics Elsevier
Sand production during the extrusion of hydrocarbons from geological formations: A review E. Yasar, M. S. A. Perera, P.G. Ranjith, S.K. Choi, W. K. G. Perera 2014 Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering Elsevier
Role of collisions in erosion of regolith during a lunar landing A. Anand, C. M. Hrenya, K. J. Berger, P. T. Metzger 2013 Physical Review E American Physical Society
Numerical Simulation Of Granular Particles Movement In Fluid Flow D. Chan, S. Tipthavonnukul 2008 International Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Numerical Simulation Freund Publishing
EDEM-FLUENT investigation of bubble-tube interactions in gas-fluidized beds C. Robertson, G. Duursma, M Crapper, S. Wong 2007 6th International Conference on Multiphase Flow