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Some micromechanical aspects of failure in granular materials based on second-order work F. Darve, F. Nicot, F. Radjai, L. Sibille, N. Hadda, P.-Y. Hicher 2014 Comptes Rendus Mécanique Elsevier
Second-order work analysis for granular materials using a multiscale approach F. Darve, F. Nicot, N. Hadda 2013 International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics Wiley
Inertia effects as a possible missing link between micro and macro second-order work in granular media F. Bourrier, F. Darve, F. Nicot, L. Sibille, N. Hadda, R. Wan 2012 International Journal of Solids and Structures Elsevier
Second-order work, kinetic energy and diffuse failure in granular materials A. Daouadji, F. Darve, F. Laouafa, F. Nicot 2011 Granular Matter Springer
From Microscopic To Macroscopic Second Order Work In Granular Assemblies F. Darve, F. Donze, F. Nicot, L. Sibille 2007 Mechanics of Materials Elsevier
Diffuse instability of granular material under various drainage conditions: discrete element simulation and constitutive modeling Q.X. Wu, T. Xu, Z. X. Yang 2019 Acta Geotechnica Springer
Instability of Particulate Assemblies under Constant Shear Drained Stress Path: DEM Approach A. Lashkari, M. Khodadadi, M. Rahman, S.M. Binesh 2019 International Journal of Geomechanics ASCE
Discrete element modeling of static liquefaction of shield tunnel face in saturated sand M. Huang, S. Zeng, X. Lu 2019 Acta Geotechnica Springer
Rattlers' contribution to granular plasticity and mechanical stability A. Wautier, F. Nicot, S. Bonelli 2018 International Journal of Plasticity Elsevier
Kinetic energy and collapse of granular materials F. Nicot, F. Prunier, H. N. G. Nguyen, I. Djeran- Maigre 2017 Granular Matter Springer