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Flow regime transitions in dense non-Brownian suspensions: Rheology, microstructural characterization, and constitutive modeling C. Ness, J. Sun 2015 Physical Review E American Physical Society
Experimental and computational studies of dense granular flow: Transition from quasi-static to intermediate regime in a Couette shear device G.I. Tardos, J. Sun, M. K. Langroudi, S. Subramaniam, S. Sundaresan, V. Vidyapati 2012 Powder Technology Elsevier
Study of the characteristics of the flow regimes and dynamics of coarse particles in pipeline transportation C. Xiuhan, S. A. Miedema, X. Ting, Z. Xinzhuo 2019 Powder Technology Elsevier
Flow regimes and dynamic similarity of immersed granular collapse: A CFD-DEM investigation C. Y. Kwok, G. C. Yang, L. Jing, Y. D. Sobral 2019 Powder Technology Elsevier
A DEM investigation of transitional behaviour in gas-fluidised beds C. Thornton, F. Yang, J. Seville 2015 Powder Technology Elsevier
Effect of surface energy on the transition from fixed to bubbling gas-fluidised beds C. Thornton, F. Yang, J. Seville 2013 Chemical Engineering Science Elsevier
Granular rheology and phase transition: DEM simulations and order-parameter based constitutive model S. Subramaniam, V. Vidyapati 2012 Chemical Engineering Science Elsevier
The brittle-ductile transition in porous rock: A review P. Baud, T.-F. Wong 2012 Journal of Structural Geology Elsevier
Micromechanical modeling and analysis of different flow regimes in gas fluidization A.B. Yu, Q.F. Hou, Z.Y. Zhou 2012 Chemical Engineerig Science Elsevier
The Rolling Transition in a Granular Flow along a Rotating Wall A. Le Quiniou, F. Rioual, Y. Lapusta 2011 Materials 2011 MDPI