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Pressing iron ore concentrate in a pilot-scale HPGR. Part 2: Modeling and simulation G. Bueno, G. K. P. Barrios, L.M. Tavares, T.M. Campos 2019 Minerals Engineering Elsevier
Comprehensive numerical modelling of the hot isostatic pressing of Ti-6Al-4V powder: From filling to consolidation A. Abena, K. Essa, M. Aristizabal 2019 Advanced Powder Technology Elsevier
Discrete element simulation of powder compaction in cold uniaxial pressing with low pressure J. Rojek, K. Bochenek, K. Jurczak, K. Pietrzak, M. Chmielewski, S. Nosewicz 2017 Computational Particle Mechanics Springer
Discrete element modeling and experimental investigation of hot pressing of intermetallic NiAl powder J. Rojek, K. Pietrzak, M. Chmielewski, S. Nosewics 2017 Advanced Powder Technology Elsevier
Continuum Modeling and Discrete Element Simulations of Elastic-Quasi-Static Granular Flow in a Compressing Slot B. T. Helenbrook, H. H. Shen, M. Powers, P. T. Metzger 2009 Journal of Aerospace Engineering ASCE
Strength of porous oxide microspheres: the role of internal porosity and defects C.L. Martin, P. Lhuissier, P. Parant, S. Picart 2019 Journal of the European Ceramic Society Elsevier
Discrete Element Analysis of the Reconstruction Method for Randomly Shaped Pebbles H. Chen, P. Liu, P. Shi, Q. Yu, X. Zhao 2019 IEEE Access IEEE
Three-dimensional discrete element modeling of the irregularly shaped pebbles used in a truck escape ramp C. Zhou, P. Liu, P. Shi, Q. Yu, X. Zhao 2019 Computational Particle Mechanics Springer
Novel Ultrasonic In-die Measurements during Powder Compression at Production Relevant Speed B. Frindt, J. Carstens, J. Pierper, K.G. Wagner, M. Hucke, R. F. Lammens, V. Hagelstein 2019 International Journal of Pharmaceutics Elsevier
DEM-based modelling framework for spray-dried powders in ceramic tiles industry. Part I: Calibration procedure A. Escrig, F. A. Gilabert, G. Mallol, J. Boix, J.M. Tiscar 2019 Powder Technology Elsevier