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Numerical Modeling for Simulation of Compaction of Refractory Materials for Secondary Steelmaking A. González Marcos, C. Ramirez-Aragon, F. Alba-Elías, J. Ordieres-Mere 2020 Materials 2020 MDPI
Numerical modeling of granular flow in star valve type cryogenic precooler B. M. Ghodki, K.B. Chhetri, T. K. Goswami 2020 Journal of Food Process Engineering Wiley
Investigating Hydraulic Fracturing Complexity in Naturally Fractured Rock Masses Using Fully Coupled Multiscale Numerical Modeling B. Damjanac, F. Zhang, S. Maxwell 2019 Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering Springer
Discrete-element numerical modeling of sub-salt structures in the Central Kelasu fold-thrust belt, Kuqa Depression, northwestern China C. Zheng, G. Hou, X. Sun 2019 Journal of Geodynamics Elsevier
Nanoscale mechanical properties of 3D printed gypsum-powder-based rocks by nanoindentation and numerical modeling C. Li, L. Kong, M. Ostadhassan, R. Lin 2019 Rapid Prototyping Journal Emerald Group Publishing Limited
Numerical Modeling of Collision of Adhesive Units: Stability and mechanical properties during handling G. Frenning, K. Thalberg, S. Sarangi 2019 Chemical Engineering Science: X Elsevier
Numerical modeling of floating bodies transport for flooding analysis in nuclear reactor building F. Hu, G. Duan, K. Shibata, S. Koshizuka, Z. Wang 2019 Nuclear Engineering and Design Elsevier
Investigation and numerical modeling of the overloading-induced catastrophic rockslide avalanche in Baige, Tibet, China L. Wang, N. Zhang, R. Zhao, S. Zhu, W. Wang, Y. Yin 2019 Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment Springer
Numerical modeling of solid particles motion in suspensions using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics H. Steeb, N. Kijanski 2018 Proceedings in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics Wiley
Numerical modeling of compaction and flow of coke/pitch mixtures using discrete element method B. Majidi, D.P. Ziegler, H. Alamdari, M. Fafard, P. Rolfe 2018 Construction and Building Materials Elsevier