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Experimental and numerical investigation on the shape approximation of rice particle by multi-sphere particle models A.Li, D. Zhao, F. Jia, H. Qiu, S. Bai, Y. Han 2020 Advanced Powder Technology Elsevier
Discrete element modelling of ellipsoidal particles using super-ellipsoids and multi-spheres: A comparative study Y. You, Y. Zhao 2018 Powder Technology Elsevier
Grain-Scale Modelling of Swelling Granular Materials Using the Discrete Element Method and the Multi-Sphere Approximation H. Aslannejad, S. Leszcynski, S. M. Hassanizadeh, T. Sweijen 2017 Poromechanics VI ASCE
Multi-sphere approximation of real particles for DEM simulation based on a modified greedy heuristic algorithm C-Q. Li, W. -J. Xu 2015 Powder Technology Elsevier
A discrete element model (DEM) for predicting apple damage during handling C.J. Coetzee, O. C. Scheffler, U.L. Opara 2018 Biosystems Engineering Elsevier
Discrete element modelling of vibrating screens A. Aghlmandi Harzanagh, E. Caner Orhan, S. Levent Ergun 2018 Minerals Engineering Elsevier
Towards a realistic prediction of sintering of solid oxide fuel cell electrodes: From tomography to discrete element and kinetic Monte Carlo simulations N. Shikazono, S. Hara, Z. Yan 2017 Scripta Materialia Elsevier
Optimisation of blade type spreaders for powder bed preparation in Additive Manufacturing using DEM simulations S. Haeri 2017 Powder Technology Elsevier
Numerical simulation of submarine landslide tsunamis using particle based methods F. Jin, L. Qiu, P. Lin, Y. Han, Y. Liu 2017 Journal of Hydrodynamics Elsevier
DEM simulations of amorphous irregular shaped micrometer-sized titania agglomerates at compression M. Dosta, S. Kozhar, S.Antonyuk, S.Heinrich, U. Bröckel 2015 Advanced Powder Technology-Special issue of the 7th World Congress on Particle Technology Elsevier