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XDEM multi-physics and multi-scale simulation technology: Review of DEM–CFD coupling, methodology and engineering applications A. Estupinan, B. Peters, D.M. Mohseni, G. Pozzetti, M. Baniasadi, X. Besseron 2019 Particuology Elsevier
A multi-scale, mechanistic model of a wet granulation process using a novel bi-directional PBM–DEM coupling algorithm D. Barrasso, F. E. Pereira, K. Debus, R. Aglave, R. Ramachandran, S. K. Bermingham, T. Eppinger 2015 Chemical Engineering Science Elsevier
Multi-scale modeling of granulation processes: bi-directional coupling of PBM with DEM via collision frequencies D. Barrasso, R. Ramachandran 2014 Chemical Engineering Research and Design Elsevier
Bridging Particle and Reactor Scales in the Simulation of Biomass Fast Pyrolysis by coupling Particle Resolved Simulation and Coarse Grained CFD-DEM L. Lu, M. Shahnam, W. A. Rogers, X. Gao 2020 Chemical Engineering Science Elsevier
The Deformation and Failure Analysis of Rock Mass Around Tunnel by Coupling Finite Difference Method and Discrete Element Method F. Huang, H. Zhu, Y. Wang, Y. Wen, Z. Lin 2019 Indian Geotechnical Journal Springer
Mesoscale dynamic coupling of finite- and discrete-element methods for fluid-particle interactions K. Yazdchi, S. Luding, S. Srivastava 2014 Philosphical Transactions A Royal Society Publishing
Using FEM–DEM coupling method to study three-body friction behavior G. Zhu, K. Liu, W. Wang, Y. Liu 2014 Wear Elsevier
Localization of Shear in Saturated Granular Media: Insights from a Multi-Scaled Granular-Fluid Model D. W. Sparks, E. Aharonov, L. Goren, R. Toussaint 2013 PROCEEDINGS ASCE
Multi-scale simulation method with coupled finite/discrete element model and its application C. Qiu, J. Tan, X. Fang, Z. Liu 2013 Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering Springer
Multi-scale flowsheet simulation of an integrated continuous purification–downstream pharmaceutical manufacturing process A. Chaudhary, J. John, M. Sen, R. Ramachandran, R. Singh 2013 International Journal of Pharmaceutics Elsevier