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Advanced numerical analyses by the Non‐Smooth Contact Dynamics method of an ancient masonry bell tower A. Ferrante, F. Clementi, G. Milani 2020 Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences Wiley
Discontinuum analysis of the fracture mechanism in masonry prisms and wallettes via discrete element method B. Pulatsu, E. Erdogmus, J. Hazzard, J. V. Lemos, P. B. Lourenço 2020 Meccanica Springer
Dynamic failure of dry-joint masonry arch structures modelled with the combined finite–discrete element method A. H.C. Chan, A.K. Argawal, H. Wang, X. Chen 2019 Computational Particle Mechanics Springer
Modelling of the Influence of Metal Connectors on the Resistance of Historical Dry-Stone Masonry Structures H. Smoljanovic, L. Krstevska, N. Zivaljic, Z. Nikolic 2019 International Journal of Architectural Heritage Taylor & Francis
Influence of the backfill parameters in distinct element modelling of a backfill masonry arch bridge through the PFC2D software F.G. Gomez, J.A.M. Martinez, L.M.G. Castillo 2019 Geomechanics and Geoengineering: An International Journal Taylor & Francis
Failure analysis of masonry wall panels subjected to in-plane and out-of-plane loading using the discrete element method A. Limam, T. Bui, V. Sarhosis 2019 European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering Taylor & Francis
A discrete approach for modelling backfill material in masonry arch bridges J. V. Lemos, T. Forgacs, V. Sarhosis 2019 Computers & Structures Elsevier
Comparison of in-plane and out-of-plane failure modes of masonry arch bridges using discontinuum analysis B. Pulatsu, E. Ardogmus, P. B. Lourenço 2019 Engineering Structures Elsevier
Modelling mixed mode fracture of mortar joints in masonry buildings F. Dubois, M. Bisoffi-Sauve, S. Morel 2019 Engineering Structures Elsevier
A detailed micro-modelling approach for the structural analysis of masonry assemblages J. V. Lemos, V. Sarhosis 2018 Computers & Structures Elsevier