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A resolved CFD–DEM approach for the simulation of landslides and impulse waves J. Mao, L. Zhao, W. Xu, X. Liu, Y. Di 2019 Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering Elsevier
Empirical investigation of friction weakening of terrestrial and Martian landslides using discrete element models A. Lucas, A. Mangeney, D. Mege, J. Gurgurewicz, P. Richard, T. Borykov 2019 Landslides Springer
Three-dimensional distance potential discrete element method for the numerical simulation of landslides J. Mao, L. Shao, L. Zhao, T. Li, X. Liu 2019 Landslides Springer
Forecasting Landslides via Three-Dimensional Discrete Element Modeling: Helong Landslide Case Study C. Yu, J. Sui, S. Song, W. Peng, Y. Bao, Y. Hu 2019 Applied Sciences MDPI
Pore‐scale simulation of immersed granular collapse: Implications to submarine landslides C. Y. Kwok, G. C. Yang, L. Jing, Y. D. Sobral 2019 Journal of Geophysical Research - Earth Surface Wiley
Landscape evolution characteristics of large-scale erosion and landslides at the Putanpunas Stream, Taiwan C. Lo, K. Lee, M. Lin, M. Weng, S. Lee 2018 Natural Hazards and Ris Taylor & Francis
On the Dynamic Fragmentation and Lubrication of Coseismic Landslides G. B. Crosta, T. Zhao 2018 Journal of Geophysical Research-Solid Earth Wiley
An integrated methodology for landslides’ early warning systems F. Antolini, M. Barla 2017 Landslides, Waste and Biomass Valorization Springer
Application of Hilbert-Huang Transform to the analysis of the landslides triggered by the Wenchuan earthquake C. Yang, J. Bi, J. Zhang 2017 Journal of Mountain Science Springer
The characteristics of the seismic signals induced by landslides using a coupling of discrete element and finite difference methods C. Lo, Q. Lin, Z. Feng 2017 Landslides Springer