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Rheological transitions in semi-solid alloys: in-situ imaging and LBM-DEM simulations C. O’Sullivan, C.M. Gourlay, H. Yasuda, T. C. Su 2020 Acta Materialia Elsevier
Numerical Study on the Formations of Gas Channels and Subsequent Bubbles in Unconsolidated Sandy Seabed Sediment Using a Coupled LBM-DEM Method H. Oyama, T. Sato, Y. Kano 2019 Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering Elsevier
A comprehensive parametric study of LBM-DEM for immersed granular flows C. Y. Kwok, G. C. Yang, L. Jing, Y. D. Sobral 2019 Computers and Geotechnics Elsevier
Semi-solid deformation of Al-Cu alloys: A quantitative comparison between real-time imaging and coupled LBM-DEM simulations C. O’Sullivan, C.M. Gourlay, H. Yasuda, T. C. Su, T. Nagira 2019 Acta Materialia Elsevier
Study on the multiphase fluid-solid interaction in granular materials based on an LBM-DEM coupled method W. -J. Xu, W. T. Ding 2018 Powder Technology Elsevier
An efficient LBM-DEM simulation method for suspensions of deformable preformed particle gels C. Yao, J. Hou, K. Zhou, L. Guo, Q. Du, Q. Sun, S. Bing 2017 Chemical Engineering Science Elsevier
Verification of two-dimensional LBM-DEM coupling approach and its application in modeling episodic sand production in borehole P. Cundall, Y. Han 2016 Petroleum Elsevier
Analysis of two partially-saturated-cell methods for lattice Boltzmann simulation of granular suspension rheology J. Sun, T. Najuch 2019 Computers & Fluids Elsevier
Hydro-mechanical coupled mechanisms of hydraulic fracture propagation in rocks with cemented natural fractures M. Wang, Z. Chen, Z.Yang 2018 Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering Elsevier
Gas-liquid-Solid Three-phase Simulation on CO2 Seeping through Marine Sediment T. Sato, Y. Kano 2017 Energy Procedia Elsevier