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Generalized bridging domain method for coupling finite elements with discrete elements D. Ling, F. Tu, L. Bu, Q. Yang 2014 Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering Elsevier
Multidomain finite and discrete elements method for impact analysis of a concrete structure E. Frangin, J. Rousseau, L. Daudeville, P. Marin 2009 Engineering Structures Elsevier
3D dynamics of discrete element systems comprising irregular discrete elements—integration solution for finite rotations in 3D A. Munjiza, J.P. Latham, N.W.M. John 2003 International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering Wiley
A smooth contact algorithm for the combined finite discrete element method A. Munjiza, B. Euser, E. Rougier, Z. Lei 2020 Computational Particle Mechanics Springer
Study on the effect of particle morphology on single particle breakage using a combined finite-discrete element method A. Zhang, B. Zhou, D. Wei, J. Wang, Q. Ku 2020 Computers and Geotechnics Elsevier
Dynamic failure of dry-joint masonry arch structures modelled with the combined finite–discrete element method A. H.C. Chan, A.K. Argawal, H. Wang, X. Chen 2019 Computational Particle Mechanics Springer
Sediment transport problems by the particle finite element method (PFEM) P. Becker, P. Oritz, R. Bravo, S. Idelsohn 2019 Computational Particle Mechanics Springer
Numerical and experimental investigation of an elastoplastic contact model for spherical discrete elements B. Romelczyk-Baishya, D. Lumelskyj, J. Rojek, S. Nosewicz 2019 Computational Particle Mechanics Springer
Development of a 3D Hybrid Finite-Discrete Element Simulator Based on GPGPU-Parallelized Computation for Modelling Rock Fracturing Under Quasi-Static and Dynamic Loading Conditions A. Chan, D. Fukuda, H. Liu, J. Zhao, M. Mohammadnejad, Q. Zhang, S. Dehkhoda 2019 Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering Springer
Structural applications of the combined finite–discrete element method A. Mihanovic, A. Munjiza, H. Smoljanovic, I. Uzelac, N. Zivaljic, V. Divic, Z. Nikolic 2019 Computational Particle Mechanics Springer