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The prediction of wear on a scraper conveyor chute affected by different factors based on the discrete element method B. Li, R. Xia, X. Wang, X. Wei, Z.Yang 2019 Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Sage
Extended finite element method (XFEM) analysis of fiber reinforced composites for prediction of micro-crack propagation and delaminations in progressive damage: a review A.A. Khan, H. Elahi, L.H. Wen, R.F. Swati, S.Shad 2019 Microsystem Technologies Springer
Discrete element method-based prediction of areas prone to buried hill-controlled earth fissures C. Liu, D. Zhang, G. Wang, Y. Liu, Y. Zhang 2019 Journal of Zhejiang University - Science A Springer
Discrete element method to predict the mechanical properties of pigmented coatings D. Bousfield, D. Varney, M. Toivakka 2019 Journal of Coatings Technology and Research Springer
Development of a methodology for predicting particle attrition in a cyclone by cfd-dem A. Borissova, A. Cloupet, B. Amblard, F. Fulchini, M. Ghadiri, M. Yazdanpanah, S. Bertholin 2019 Powder Technology Elsevier
Prediction of dynamic shear modulus of fine aggregate matrix using discrete element method and modified Hirsch model R.L. Lytton, T. Ma, X. Huang, X. Luo, Y. Zhang 2019 Mechanics of Materials Elsevier
Predicting the performance of pressure filtration processes by coupling computational fluid dynamics and discrete element methods B. Li, H. Zhang, J.D. Schiffman, K. Saranteas, K.M. Dobosz, M.A. Henson 2019 Chemical Engineering Science Elsevier
Prediction methods for the damping effect of multi-unit particle dampers based on the cyclic iterations of a single-unit particle damper A. Tian, B. Liu, D. Wei, X. Jiang, Y. Wang 2019 Journal of Sound and Vibration Elsevier
Combination of Discrete Element Method and Artificial Neural Network for Predicting Porosity of Gravel-Bed River M.D. Bui, P. Rutschmann, V.H. Bui 2019 Water MDPI
Prediction of hopper discharge rate using combined discrete element method and artificial neural network A. K. Jana, C. M. Patel, R. Kumar, S. R. Gopireddy 2018 Advanced Powder Technology Elsevier