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DEM simulation and experimental validation for mechanical response of ellipsoidal particles under confined compression C. Lin, S. Lin, Y. Chen, Y. Chung 2018 Advanced Powder Technology Elsevier
Three-dimensional DEM analysis of single geogrid-encased stone columns under unconfined compression: a parametric study J. Han, M. Gu, M. Zhao 2017 Acta Geotechnica Springer
DEM modeling of cone penetration and unconfined compression in cohesive solids A. Janda, J.Y. Ooi 2015 Powder Technology Elsevier
A fractal model of contact force distribution and the unified coordination distribution for crushable granular materials under confined compression Y. Yang, Y.M. Cheng 2015 Powder Technology Elsevier
Visualization of the Fragmentation of a Weak Granular Material under Uniaxial Confined Compression C. Sbarro, L. E. Vallejo 2014 PROCEEDINGS ASCE
Influence Of Discrete Element Model Parameters On Bulk Behavior Of A Granular Solid Under Confined Compression J.Y. Ooi, Y.C. chung 2008 5th World Congress on Particle Technology Elsevier
Confined Compression And Rod Penetration Of A Dense Granular Medium: Discrete Element Modelling And Validation J. Ooi, Y. Chung 2006 Springer Proceedings in Physics Springer
Measurement and modelling of a particulate assembly under confined compression J. Favier, J.Y. 0oi, Y.C. chung 2005 Particulate Systems Analysis Conference
An experimental evaluation of discrete element simulations of confined powder compression using an extended truncated-sphere model A.-S. Persson, G. Frenning 2015 Powder Technology Elsevier
Experimental and numerical studies on compression-shear behaviors of brittle rocks subjected to combined static-dynamic loading F. Dai, H. Du, Y. Xu 2020 International Journal of Mechanical Sciences Elsevier