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Rheological transitions in semi-solid alloys: in-situ imaging and LBM-DEM simulations C. O’Sullivan, C.M. Gourlay, H. Yasuda, T. C. Su 2020 Acta Materialia Elsevier
Deviation of continuum formulation for solid-solid momentum transfer rate in terms of spatial averaging in mixtures with large particle size ratios P. Jalali, S. Shah 2020 Powder Technology Elsevier
Fixed bed reactors of non-spherical pellets: Importance of heterogeneities and inadequacy of azimuthal averaging A.I Stankiewicz, E.A Foumeny, E.M. Moghaddam, J.T. Padding 2019 Chemical Engineering Science: X Elsevier
Imaging the 2013 explosive crater excavation and new dome formation at Volcán de Colima with TerraSAR-X, time-lapse cameras and modelling C. E. Harnett, D. V. Bracamontes, E. U. Zorn, J. Salzer, M. Breton, M. E. Thomas, N. Varley, R. Arambula, T. R. Walter 2019 Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research Elsevier
Semi-solid deformation of Al-Cu alloys: A quantitative comparison between real-time imaging and coupled LBM-DEM simulations C. O’Sullivan, C.M. Gourlay, H. Yasuda, T. C. Su, T. Nagira 2019 Acta Materialia Elsevier
Numerical and experimental comparison of tracer particle and averaging techniques for particle velocities in a fluidized bed D. J. Parler, J. Chaouki, J. R. Grace, J. Seville, L. Lu, N. Ellis, R. Jafari, S. Tebianian, T. Li, T. W. Leadbeater, Y. Xu 2019 Chemical Engineering Science Elsevier
Construction of poly-ellipsoidal grain shapes from SMT imaging on sand, and the development of a new DEM contact detection algorithm A. Druckrey, B. Zhang, K. Alshibli, R. Regueiro 2018 Engineering Computations Emerald Group Publishing Limited
Transient Computational Fluid Dynamics/Discrete Element Method Simulation of Gas–Solid Flow in a Spouted Bed and Its Validation by High-Speed Imaging Experiment L. Zhang, L. Zhou, W. Agarwal, W. Li, W. Shi 2018 Journal of Energy Resources Technology ASME
Discrete Element Method for Modeling the Long-Term Aging Viscoelastic Behavior of Concrete Considering Its Mesostructure A.L. Batista, C. Serra, N. M. Azevedo, N. Schclar 2018 Journal of Engineering Mechanics ASCE
DEM simulations of shear modulus and damping ratio of sand with emphasis on the effects of particle number, particle shape, and aging L. Tong, Y.-H. Wang 2017 Acta Geotechnica Springer