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Dynamic mechanism of three-dimensional mixed-size grain/bed collision on non-flat bed using discrete element method M. Lei, X. Wang, Y. Wang, Z. Xu 2020 Arabian Journal of Geosciences Springer
Dynamics of loose granular flow and its subsequent deposition in a narrow mountainous river M. Lei, T. Zhao, X. Wang, Z. Xu 2019 Journal of Mountain Science Springer
Influence of random pore defects on failure mode and mechanical properties of SiC ceramics under uniaxial compression using discrete element method D. Yang, S. Jiang, S. Liu, X. Li, Y. Tan, Y.Ye, Z. Xu 2018 Ceramics International Elsevier
Discrete element simulation of SiC ceramic with pre-existing random flaws under uniaxial compression H. Liu, R. Chen, S. Jiang, X. Li, Y. Tan, Z. Xu 2017 Ceramics International Elsevier
Deviation Square Priority Method for Distinct Preference Structures Based on Generalized Multiplicative Consistency Z. Xu 2015 IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems IEEE
A coupled discrete element and finite element model for multiscale simulation of geological carbon sequestration J. Bao, Y. Fang, Z. Xu 2015 Greenhouse Gases: Science and Technology Wiley
Discrete-element model for the interaction between ocean waves and sea ice A. M. Tartakovsky, W. Pan, Z. Xu 2012 Physical Review E American Physical Society
DEM simulation and fractal analysis of particulate fouling on coal-fired utility boilers' heating surfaces C.E. Romero, F. Si, Y.Pan, Y.Ye, Z. Qiao, Z. Xu 2012 Powder Technology Elsevier
DEM Simulation Of Particle Damping K. Mao, M. Y. Wang, T. Chen, Z. Xu 2004 Powder Technology Elsevier