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PTV experiments and DEM simulations of the coefficient of restitution for irregular particles impacting on horizontal substrates A. Buck, C. Rieck, E. Tsotsas, J. Du, Z. Jiang 2020 Powder Technology Elsevier
PTV measurement and DEM simulation of the particle motion in a flighted rotating drum E. Tsotsas, F. Herz, F. Weigler, J. Mellmann, L. Zhang, Z. Jiang 2020 Powder Technology Elsevier
Vertical Section Observation of the Solid Flow in a Blast Furnace with a Cutting Method J. Wang, X. Zhang, Y. Lu, Z. Jiang 2019 Metals 2019 MDPI
CFD–DEM study of residence time, droplet deposition, and collision velocity for a binary particle mixture in a Wurster fluidized bed coater A. Buck, E. Tsotsas, Z. Jiang 2018 Drying Technology: An International Journal Taylor & Francis
Color-PTV measurement and CFD-DEM simulation of the dynamics of poly-disperse particle systems in a pseudo-2D fluidized bed A. Buck, E. Tsotsas, T. Hagemeier, Z. Jiang 2018 Chemical Engineerig Science Elsevier
Effects of discontinuities on penetration of TBM cutters C. Du, J. Liu, P. Cao, Z. Jiang 2017 Journal of Central South University Springer