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DEM simulation for separating coated fuel particles by inclined vibrating plate B. Liu, H. Ma, M. Liu, T. Fan, Y. Shao, Y. Zhao 2020 Powder Technology Elsevier
Multi-level DEM study on liner wear in tumbling mills for an engineering level approach L. Xu, S. Bao, Y. Zhao 2020 Powder Technology Elsevier
Numerical Simulation of Broken Coal Strength Influence on Compaction Characteristics in Goaf C. Zhang, J. Liu, P. Han L. Zhang, Y. Zhao 2020 Natural Resources Research Springer
Convective heat transfer coefficient for a rod-like particle in a uniform flow H. Ma, Y. Zhao 2019 International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer Elsevier
Numerical and experimental study of radial segregation of bi-disperse particles in a quasi-two-dimensional horizontal rotating drum Y. Zhao, Z. Hou 2019 Particuology Elsevier
Diffusion of size bidisperse spheres in dense granular shear flow H. Xiao, J. Zheng, R. Cai, Y. Zhao 2019 Physical Review E American Physical Society
Multi-super-ellipsoid model for non-spherical particles in DEM simulation Y. Zhao, Z. Liu 2019 Powder Technology Elsevier
A study on bond breakage behavior of weak Cretaceous Kazakhstani reservoir sandstone analogue A. Kozhagulova, N. H. Minh, S.C. Fok, Y. Zhao 2019 Geomechanics for Energy and the Environment Elsevier
Algorithms for Generating Air-Void Structures of Idealized Asphalt Mixture Based on Three-Dimensional Discrete-Element Method T. Ma, X. Huang, Y. Zhang, Y. Zhao 2019 Part B: Pavements ASCE
Numerical modelling of a field soil desiccation test using a cohesive fracture model with Voronoi tessellations W. Hu, X. Zhu, Y-L. Gui, Z. Y. Zhao 2019 Acta Geotechnica Springer