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A parallel-bonded chemical corrosion model for discrete element modelling of chemically corroded limestone D. Yang, H. Li, K. I. I. Eshiet, X. Liu, Y. Sheng, Z. Zhong 2019 Engineering Fracture Mechanics Elsevier
Numerical modelling to predict fracturing rock (Thanet chalk) due to naturally occurring faults and fluid pressure E. K. Imo-Imo, M. Welch, Y. Sheng 2018 Journal of Structural Geology Elsevier
3D particle models for composite laminates with anisotropic elasticity D. Yang, L. Wan, Y. Ismail, Y. Sheng 2018 Composites Part B: Engineering Elsevier
Recent Developments in Multiscale and Multiphase Modelling of the Hydraulic Fracturing Process D. Ingham, M. Pourkashanian, M. Sousani, Y. Sheng 2017 Mathematical Problems in Engineering Volume 2015 Hindawi
The role of rock joint frictional strength in the containment of fracture propagation K. Eshiet, Y. Sheng 2017 Acta Geotechnica Springer
Simulation of the hydraulic fracturing process of fractured rocks by the discrete element method D. Ingham, K. I. Eshiet, M. Pourkashanian, M. Sousani, Y. Sheng 2017 Environmental Earth Sciences Springer
A Particle Element Approach for Modelling the 3D Printing Process of Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composites D. Yang, K. Wu, L. Wan, Y. Sheng 2017 Journal of Manufacturing and Materials Processing MDPI
Influence of brick–mortar interface on the mechanical behaviour of low bond strength masonry brickwork lintels S. W. Garrity, V. Sarhosis, Y. Sheng 2015 Engineering Structures Elsevier
Discrete element modelling of unidirectional fibre-reinforced polymers under transverse tension D. Yang, J. Ye, Y. Ismail, Y. Sheng 2015 Composites Part B: Engineering Elsevier
PIBM: Particulate immersed boundary method for fluid–particle interaction problems A. Oliva, D. Yang, F. X. Trias, H. Zhang, S. Shu, Y. Sheng, Y. Tan 2015 Powder Technology Elsevier