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Calibration for discrete element modelling of railway ballast: A review C. Zhao, G. Jing, V. Markine, W. Zhai, Y. Guo 2020 Transportation Geotechnics Elsevier
Coupled discrete-continuum approach for railway ballast track and subgrade macro-meso analysis C. Shi, C. Zhao, X. Zhang, Y. Guo 2020 International Journal of Pavement Engineering Taylor & Francis
An investigation of heat transfer of flexible fibers in a rotating drum dryer using the Discrete Element Method D. Xu, F. Yang, H. Jin, J. S. Curtis, Y. Guo 2020 Powder Technology Elsevier
The effect of polydispersity on the stresses of cylindrical particle flows H. Jin, J. Hao, J. S. Curtis, Y. Guo, Y. Li 2019 Powder Technology Elsevier
Breakage of wet flexible fiber agglomerates impacting a plane C. Wassgren, J. S. Curtis, J. Yang, K. Buettner, L. Bello, Y. Guo 2019 AIChE Journal Wiley
Hopper discharge of elongated particles of varying aspect ratio: Experiments and DEM simulations H. Tangri, J. S. Curtis, Y. Guo 2019 Chemical Engineering Science: X Elsevier
Some considerations for measuring the collisional dissipation rate of flexible fibers J. S. Curtis, K. E. Buettner, Y. Guo 2019 Powder Technology Elsevier
Experimental and numerical investigations on the shear behaviour of recycled railway ballast G. Jing, V. Markine, W. Jia, Y. Guo 2019 Construction and Building Materials Elsevier
DEM investigation of shear flows of binary mixtures of non-spherical particles J. Curtis, J. Yang, K. E. Buettner, Y. Guo 2019 Chemical Engineering Science Elsevier
Development of a collisional dissipation rate model for frictional cylinders J. S. Curtis, K. E. Buettner, Y. Guo 2019 Powder Technology Elsevier